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Add a Page

To add a Page:

Using GitHub as a first-time user can be overwhelming! An introduction video is available from DigitalGov on YouTube: Introduction to GitHub.

Establish a GitHub Account

You can create an account by browsing to: Join GitHub.

  • GitHub allows you to remain almost anonymous if you prefer. Make sure you select the options that suit you on the “Profile” and “Emails” pages of your “Personal Settings.”
  • We also highly encourage you to turn on two-factor authentication in the “Security” page (also part of “Personal Settings”).
    How to create account

Fork the Repository

Once you have a GitHub account, you can create a personal copy (called a “fork”) to work on in your GitHub profile. It’s simple:

  • In the upper right-hand corner, click on the Fork button.

A version controlled copy will now be in your GitHub profile.

For more help with forking a repo, go to Fork a Repo.

Create a Page

We have a sample template with Markdown available. You first create a new page, then edit the page, write your guide, and finally submit the content.

To create a new Page where you can write your guide:

  1. Check the Branch button to ensure that the new branch name is displayed. If it isn’t, select it from the Branch drop-down list.
  2. Click on the Create New File button located above the top right-hand area of your repository’s window (above the folders and files listing).
  3. In the text box, enter your new Page’s name with the extension .md for Markdown
  4. Scroll to the bottom of your Page. Below the Commit new file comment box, click on the green Commit new file button to save your new Page.

You can edit your page and even copy the template directly to get started:

  • View the template sample.
  • Click the “Raw” button toward the top right of the page to view the file as raw code. Within this file are helpful comments and instructions on where different parts of your content will be entered.
  • Copy all of the samples from the template into your new page, add your content, and delete items you don’t need.

How to Submit Your Draft Guide

Be sure to follow the progress of the Issue that you opened stating what content you intended to add! This will allow you to see if others have comments or contributing information for the process, or if the site admin has responded with an updated status on your new Page.

If you have a question during the contribution process, do not hesitate to open an Issue requesting clarification. You can also email us at