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1. Prepare to migrate to the Federal Common Policy CA G2

Use the checklist below to prepare your agency for the migration to the Federal Common Policy CA (FCPCA) G2. The checklist highlights activities as they relate to the following roles:

  • ENG - Information technology engineers and system administrators
  • APP - Application developers and owners
  • PM - Project managers
  • CIO - Chief information officers
  • CSO - Chief security officers

We encourage agency staff to participate in steps where their roles appear in blue, bold font.

FCPCA G2 Migration Checklist Recommended Participants
1. Attend a webinar ENG APP PM CIO CSO
  • We are collaborating with CISA on a series of webinars and virtual "office hours" sessions to communicate upcoming changes and answer your questions.
  • E-mail to join our e-mail distribution, and we'll follow-up once more information is available.
2. Communicate upcoming changes across your enterprise ENG APP PM CIO CSO
  • Communicate with relevant stakeholders early and often to minimize migration issues.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with a variety of agency stakeholders, including but not limited to domain administrators, website and application administrators, mobile device management administrators.
  • Identify who you need to communicate with, and get started now!
3. Inventory enterprise systems and applications ENG APP PM CIO CSO
  • Inventory your agency's systems and applications.
  • Identify how you will deliver the updated FCPCA G2 CA certificate to affected systems or applications. For example, you might distribute the certificate through a Group Policy Object (GPO) or Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool.
4. Create and execute a plan for certificate distribution ENG APP PM CIO CSO
  • Work with your colleagues to develop, execute, and test a plan to distribute the FCPCA G2 certificate (and, possibly, the CA certificates issued by the FCPCA G2) to affected operating systems and applications across your enterprise.
  • Communication is key! Collaborate with both colleagues and stakeholders across your agency.
5. Test, test, and test again ENG APP PM CIO CSO
  • Follow your agency's established enterprise change management process(es).
  • Test the procedures recommended by this guide in a test environment, if possible, to verify the intended results prior to production implementation.

Get started today! Obtain and verify a copy of the FCPCA G2 certificate.