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Certificates and CRLs

This page lists the endpoints to retrieve the certificates and certificate revocation lists (CRLs) for the infrastructure CAs. We are working on compiling and adding information for ALL CAs currently in the Federal PKI.

When downloading any Certificate file from the list below, please verify the thumbprint (hash) on the downloaded file. You can verify the hash using common utilities on operating systems.

Federal Common Policy CA

Federal Common Policy CA Information
Federal Common Policy CA Root Certificate http://http.fpki.gov/fcpca/fcpca.crt
Distinguished Name cn=Federal Common Policy CA, ou=FPKI, o=U.S. Government, c=US
sha1 Thumbprint 90 5f 94 2f d9 f2 8f 67 9b 37 81 80 fd 4f 84 63 47 f6 45 c1
Certificate Revocation List http://http.fpki.gov/fcpca/fcpca.crl
P7C file - Issued By http://http.fpki.gov/fcpca/caCertsIssuedByfcpca.p7c
P7C file - Issued To http://http.fpki.gov/fcpca/caCertsIssuedTofcpca.p7c

Federal Bridge CA 2016

Federal Bridge CA 2016 Information
Certificate Revocation List http://http.fpki.gov/bridge/fbca2016.crl
P7C file - Issued By http://http.fpki.gov/bridge/caCertsIssuedByfbca2016.p7c
P7C file - Issued To http://http.fpki.gov/bridge/caCertsIssuedTofbca2016.p7c

Federal Bridge CA G4

Federal Bridge CA G4 Information
Certificate Revocation List http://repo.fpki.gov/bridge/fbcag4.crl
P7C file - Issued By http://repo.fpki.gov/bridge/caCertsIssuedByfbcag4.p7c
P7C file - Issued To http://repo.fpki.gov/bridge/caCertsIssuedTofbcag4.p7c

Verify a hash

You can verify the hash on files, including certificate files, using common utilities on operating systems. Examples:

		certutil -hashfile <filename>.crt SHA1
		openssl dgst -sha1 <filename>.crt
		sha1sum <filename>.crt