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Edit this page

Edit a Page

To Edit a Page:

  1. Establish a GitHub account.
    You can create an account by browsing to: Join GitHub.
  • GitHub allows you to remain almost anonymous if you prefer. Make sure you select the options that suit you on the “Profile” and “Emails” pages of your “Personal Settings.”
  • We also highly encourage you to turn on two-factor authentication in the “Security” page (also part of “Personal Settings”).
    How to create account
  1. When you want to Edit a Page, click on the Edit this page link in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage OR

  2. Click on the Edit this file icon in the right-hand corner. It will appear as a pencil icon. Edit this file

  3. You will see a message that a new copy has been created for you, in your GitHub account: Forked

  4. Change the content, or add new content. Change content

  5. You can click the Preview changes tab to see your changes.
    Preview page

  6. Scroll down to the bottom to find the Propose file change box. Enter the description for your change, and any references. Then click on Propose file change Propose change

  7. You will be shown the option to review the change and to Create pull request. A Pull Request is you submitting your changes and asking for reviews and comments from your peers. Create pull request

  8. You can track your Pull Request, and comments from your colleagues, by going back to the repository here and clicking the Pull request tab.
    Watch pull requests